Measuring Machines

For the world’s most complex cutting tool features, as well as small precision-engineered parts for a wide variety of industries, confirming part accuracy is key. Surgical components, broaching tools, PCB/CBN inserts and more – all require unsurpassed accuracy to meet the needs of regulators and customers, and errors may not be immediately visible, given that a blemish the size of a human hair could mean a scrapped part.

For the utmost in accuracy, WALTER HELICHECK measuring machines from UNITED GRINDING offer micron-level precision and repeatability for scanning grinding wheels, cutting tool geometries and more. Plus, with advanced optional features like 3D part scanning and robotic loaders for exceptional productivity, you can offer your customers state-of-the-art services faster than ever before.

WALTER Measuring Machines


WALTER is a world leader in tool grinding technology, with an extensive product line that includes the HELITRONIC VISION tool grinder (featuring linear/torque motors in all axes) and the HELITRONIC POWER universal CNC tool grinder. 

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