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Boost your success thanks to higher availability and more efficient production.
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Remote Service – your digital helpline

Fast. Transparent. Secure.

  • From anywhere and at any time: Simple and straightforward service request for direct assistance
  • Increased system availability by minimizing downtime
  • Remote analysis and troubleshooting by service experts

Minimize time-consuming and costly malfunctions or downtime with UNITED GRINDING Remote Service. Quick, system-specific support from specialists is more important today than ever: Complex systems and increasing cost pressure require optimized availability and quick service.

With Remote Service we offer a comprehensive solution for ideal support of your machines. Secure Internet connections enable expert support with just one click – without any travel times. With Remote Service you will increase the efficiency of your production.

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Service Monitor – your digital maintenance manual

Predictable. Proactive. Documented.

  • Exclusively service areas requiring attention thanks to structured maintenance planning on the basis of machine operating hours
  • Service documentation available online
  • Order suggestions for wear and spare parts

Service Monitor indicates by way of a clear traffic light system when the servicing is due (dates dependent on hours in operation and set service intervals as per the operating manual) for all connected machines. You can see in the Service Monitor when maintenance activities are required. Comprehensive information about each machine and the required tools, spare and wear parts as well as instructions are available.

Your staff acknowledges completed maintenance measures – this guarantees your machine's servicing is documented.

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Production Monitor – your digital overview

Efficient. Mobile. Transparent.

  • Monitor your machines' current states, at any time and from anywhere
  • Data to optimize availability and capacity
  • Improved transparency to identify production backlog at an early stage

Production Monitor provides you with a reliable 24/7 monitoring service. Runtimes and auxiliary times, production quantities, or malfunction times are shown in real time. Production Monitor is the ideal tool with a focus on a global overview.

Access key data of each machine directly via your smartphone app. In the event of a failure, you can directly report it to the respective UNITED GRINDING partner in a Service Request (Remote Service).

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Customer Cockpit – your digital command center

Simple. Central. Compact.

  • Centrally manage linked machines
  • Centrally manage users and authorizations
  • Regular and free software updates

Your digital hub to link all Digital Solutions service products to your staff. Thanks to Customer Cockpit you have access to all linked UNITED GRINDING machines and can centrally manage your system users.

Customer Cockpit forms the basis for all UNITED GRINDING Digital Solutions™ service products and is required once per site.

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IT Security – your digital treasure chest

Fast. Transparent. Secure.

  • Each connection is established directly and exclusively between you and UNITED GRINDING, and features always and exclusively time limits
  • An exchange only takes place on your initiative and in any case always on precisely defined machines and/or certain functions
  • Users are identified by personal user names and specific passwords

With UNITED GRINDING Digital Solutions™ online access to your machine or system is always quick and secure. Remote maintenance takes place on invitation by the customer only, i.e. the connection is exclusively established with UNITED GRINDING at your initiation.

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