Tool Eroding Applications

Processing the hardest superalloys and composites requires tools made with even tougher materials, especially cubic boron nitride (CBN) and polycrystalline diamond (PCD). Conventional grinding may not always apply, especially when heat generation threatens material characteristics and diminishes their integrity. In these instances, the same technology that enables automated diamond wheel dressing – electrical discharge machining (EDM) – can perform rotary tool erosion to process PCD/CBN at far faster rates.

For the utmost in PCD/CBN material removal, partner with UNITED GRINDING.

Its WALTER HELITRONIC DIAMOND series of two-in-one rotary erosion/grinding machines give manufacturers the tools they need to make virtually any rotationally symmetrical tool – as well as the rotary erosion technology to achieve the part-production efficiency necessary to meet the manufacturing industry’s desire for PCD/CBN tools. Options such as automatic grinding/eroding wheel changers, robotic part loaders, in-machine measurement and software-controlled wheel conditioning/dressing further boost production speed and efficiency.

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WALTER is a world leader in tool grinding technology, with an extensive product line that includes the HELITRONIC VISION tool grinder (featuring linear/torque motors in all axes) and the HELITRONIC POWER universal CNC tool grinder. 

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