Tool Grinding Applications

Complex parts like fir tree couplings, orthopedic implants and luxury wristwatch components – as well as tools for the metalcutting and woodworking industries ­– have become engineering marvels, using advanced geometries to achieve exceptional results with carbide and high-speed tool steel. For shops processing such tools and other complex parts, equally exceptional tool grinding technology from UNITED GRINDING allows them to not only surpass customer expectations but also boost their competitiveness.

UNITED GRINDING tool grinding brands WALTER and EWAG have nearly 175 years of combined experience developing tool grinding technology, and their combined product ranges include everything from advanced manual grinders to fully automated systems designed for extended unmanned operation. Combined with EWAG ProGrind and HELITRONIC TOOL STUDIO, as well as UNITED GRINDING North America’s dedicated Customer Care team and applications experts, we’re ready to be your partner in achieving tool grinding excellence.

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WALTER is a world leader in tool grinding technology, with an extensive product line that includes the HELITRONIC VISION tool grinder (featuring linear/torque motors in all axes) and the HELITRONIC POWER universal CNC tool grinder. 

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About EWAG

EWAG is a leading manufacturer of high-precision tool grinding machines. EWAG machines are used worldwide in the watch, dental, electrical, automotive and aviation industries, as well as in the manufacture of precision micro-components. 

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