Tool Laser Ablation Applications

Diamond cutting tools include a wide range of materials – including cubic boron nitride (CBN), polycrystalline/monocrystalline diamond (PCD/MCD) and chemical vapor deposition diamond (CVD-D) – and all of them pose tough machining challenges. To efficiently process these materials and keep up with demand, manufacturers supplying diamond cutting tools to the metalcutting industry, as well as cermet, ceramic and hard metal components of all kinds, are increasingly turning to laser ablation to handle material removal and to generate the finest surface finishes possible.

For world-class laser ablation technology, manufacturers rely on UNITED GRINDING and the EWAG Laser Touch Machining® Process, a tangential laser beam machining strategy designed for extraordinarily precise cutting edges and geometries.

The EWAG LASER LINE PRECISION and LASER LINE ULTRA feature a picosecond laser that prevents any thermal damage to the workpiece’s surface, as well as a five-axis CNC and two/three-axis laser guide for producing tools with even the most complex geometries in a single setup. And with the EWAG LaserSoft software package, as well as optional six-axis robot loaders, shops can make laser ablation a key part of their fully optimized part-production process.

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About EWAG

EWAG is a leading manufacturer of high-precision tool grinding machines. EWAG machines are used worldwide in the watch, dental, electrical, automotive and aviation industries, as well as in the manufacture of precision micro-components. 

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