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Internal Universal Grinding Applications

Bottle molds and spindle housings, neck rings and ball nuts – for parts like these, it’s the precision on the inside that counts. Manufacturers producing such parts for industries ranging from aerospace and automotive to machine manufacturing and die & mold must generate finely finished and precise ID surfaces as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

For every conceivable application in internal universal cylindrical grinding, manufacturers trust UNITED GRINDING.

With industry-leading STUDER universal ID grinding machines, manufacturers have the tools they need to stay ahead of the competition and keep customers happy. These exceptional machines feature the StuderGuide® guide system’s linear drives, automatic-swiveling workpiece tables, automated B axes and Granitan® S103 machine bases for outstanding productivity, as well as StuderWin and STUDER Quick-Set software solutions for the greatest ease of use.

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STUDER Internal Cylindrical Universal Grinding Machines


The S121 is a universal internal cylindrical grinding machine for medium-sized workpieces in individual and small batch production. The reasonably priced universal machine has a swing diameter of 400mm (15.7").


The S131 is a CNC universal internal cylindrical grinding machine of the latest generation. The swing diameter above the workpiece table is 250 mm (9.8"), and the maximum workpiece length (including clamping device) is 300 mm (11.8").


The S141 is a CNC universal internal cylindrical grinding machine. Three sizes are available for workpiece lengths (including clamping devices) of 300mm (11.8"), 700mm (27.5") and 1300mm (51.2"). The maximum grinding length is 250mm (9.8") for internal and 150mm (5.9") for external diameters.


The S151 is a CNC universal internal cylindrical grinding machine. It is available in two sizes, for workpiece lengths (including clamping device) up to 700mm (27.5") or 1300mm (51.2"). The swing diameter above the workpiece table is 550mm (21.6").


Fritz STUDER AG was formed in 1912 and manufactures grinding machines for internal and external cylindrical grinding for small and middle sized work pieces. Our strength lies in single, small and middle sized job lots mainly for the markets of machine tooling, electrics and electronics, tooling and job shops.

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