For the micro and nano range


Basic Data

For the fully automatic complete measurement of complex geometries, the HELICHECK NANO CNC measuring machine in the micro and nano range is the ideal solution. Thanks to the microscopic sensor technology, even the smallest geometries can be reliably recorded and evaluated - from a diameter of 0.1 mm. In the range up to 16 mm diameter, the HELICHECK NANO shows its strengths to the full. With certified accuracy, it sets standards for ensuring productivity, quality and precision in modern tool production. In automated tool machining, it assumes the key function of "quality control" with integrated tolerance compensation in the process.

Fully automatic - operator-independent - completely comprehensive.


Solid granite base

A solid granite base provides the basis for precision and accuracy due to its weight. This granite base provides vibration damping and is thermally stable. These are the prerequisites for the highest measuring accuracy and reliable measuring results of the HELICHECK NANO.

EUX,MPE value

On our HELICHECK NANO measuring machine, the EUX,MPE value is (1.2+L/300)µm as standard.

ISO 50 spindle

The high-precision ISO 50 spindle with automatic clamping mechanism ensures precise and repeatable measurements with the HELICHECK NANO.

Certified accuracy

According to VDI/VDE 2617, the accuracy of a measuring machine is evaluated by various measurements at different intervals on a certified calibration standard. WALTER uses a certified plug gauge or optionally a glass scale for increased accuracy. According to the standard, at least three measurements are required. WALTER performs ten measurements. The calibration certificate from the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt certifies the high accuracy of the glass scale.

Technical Data
kg / cm
lb / inches

Linear Axes

Max. Travel X 270 mm
Max. Travel Y 365 mm
Max. Travel Z 250 mm

Workpiece Data

Workpiece Length 0,5 - 120 mm
Workpiece Diameter 0,1 - 16 mm
Max. Workpiece Weight 25 kg

Linear Axes

Max. Travel X 10.630 inch
Max. Travel Y 14.370 inch
Max. Travel Z 9.843 inch

Workpiece Data

Workpiece Length 0.02 - 4.72 inch
Workpiece Diameter 0.039 - 0.63 inch
Max. Workpiece Weight 55.12 lbs
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