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Growth Opportunities Await Manufacturers With Advanced Grinding Capabilities

Despite the challenges of COVID-19, authoritative research and expert analytics predict market growth in the near future for manufacturing in numerous industries, many of which rely on parts and components that require precision grinding. Those industries include light and heavy vehicle production, equipment for civilian aircraft, packaging, medical equipment and supplies, and mining production.


For revenue growth opportunities in these industries, shops must expand their processing capabilities, especially for parts such turbine vanes, blades and shrouds; vehicle hydraulic pumps and steering racks; and hirth couplings. Other specific growth industry parts include tooling such as step tools, dies, drills and milling cutters, along with woodworking and form tools and rotationally symmetrical tools. In the medical sector, key growth parts range from knee joints to bone saws and knives.

With advanced grinding technologies and applications support from UNITED GRINDING, today’s manufacturers can prepare for the upcoming surge in customer demand within these key growth industries. Specifically for shops serving those industries, UNITED GRINDING offers space-saving 5-axis, heavy-duty continuous dress creep feed grinding machines, modular surface and profile systems, Two-in-One grinding and eroding capabilities, single-clamping tool production, optical non-contact 4-axis CNC measurement, universal cylindrical grinding with integrated palletized automation, and data-driven production analytics.