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WALTER HELITRONIC RAPTOR DIAMOND Offers Flexible Tool Eroding and Grinding for Production and Resharpening

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MIAMISBURG, Ohio, September 10, 2020 – Expert analysis and projections point to growth opportunities for manufacturers who serve the light and heavy vehicle industries, especially in applications that involve PCD-coated cutting tools, which benefit from eroding and/or grinding as a production process. The same tooling plays a dominant role in vehicle, aircraft, electronics and medical-equipment production, and the WALTER HELITRONIC RAPTOR DIAMOND from UNITED GRINDING extends Two-in-One grinding and eroding for production and resharpening of these rotationally symmetrical PCD or carbide tools.

On the HELITRONIC RAPTOR DIAMOND, WALTER eroding technology achieves short cycle times and better performance through FINE PULSE TECHNOLOGY, which produces smoother, more-perfect exteriors and cutting edges, along with super-fine finishes that match the level of visible shine generally reserved for polished tools. FINE PULSE TECHNOLOGY finishes tools made from the most common types of PCD material, from 10 μm grain size to coarse-grained formulations.

The machine is particularly well suited for shops that do not require features such as automatic tool support systems or automatic grinding wheel/electrode changers, but still need a high degree of work-area flexibility for diverse types of tools. This machine design ensures that manufacturers have access to WALTER quality with exactly the features they need for part-production and re-sharpening success.

The WALTER HELITRONIC RAPTOR DIAMOND incorporates a 15.4 hp (11.5 kW) spindle and a work envelope that can accommodate tools up to 15.7" (400 mm) in diameter by 10.6" (270 mm) in length, including end face operations. Like other WALTER Two-in-One EDM and grinding machines, the WALTER HELITRONIC RAPTOR DIAMOND includes an HSK interface for electrode/wheel grinding as a standard feature. For the utmost in tool grinding and eroding efficiency from tool design to part production as well as re-sharpening, the machine uses WALTER HELITRONIC TOOL STUDIO software.

With a low-vibration gray cast iron frame and gantry-type construction, the WALTER HELITRONIC RAPTOR DIAMOND is designed to accommodate numerous options, including top loaders with up to 500-tool capacities integrated in the working area. Other options include glass scales, A-axis torque drive, a grinding wheel measuring probe and a manual-support steady rest.