Achieve the Tool Grinding, Eroding and Measuring Productivity Your Shop Needs With WALTER and EWAG

For everything from watchmaking components and dental tools to consumer electronics and cutting tools, manufacturers need productive grinding technology to remove material and achieve the surface finishes necessary for high-performance parts. And to ensure they’re meeting the exacting requirements of their customers, they need measuring equipment that can verify accuracy and help them reach the tolerances and surface finishes necessary for advanced parts.

For all this, plus advanced rotary erosion and laser machining technology, manufacturers across the continent turn to UNITED GRINDING North America. WALTER and EWAG have more than a century of combined experience creating the world’s most advanced tool and cutter grinding technology, and when this outstanding technology is paired with UNITED GRINDING Digital Solutions™, Automation Solutions and industry-leading customer service, even the most complex parts can be produced quickly and easily.

WALTER’s premier solution for grinding complex parts, the HELITRONIC VISION 400 L uses a mineral-cast machine bed, dynamically driven grinding wheel and multi-wheel spindle capabilities to offer exceptional precision and cost-effective production speed. Optional features such as advanced in-machine measuring solutions, automated part loading/unloading systems and grinding wheel changers further complement the machine’s effective and highly rigid design, while the HELITRONIC TOOL STUDIO software and FANUC CNC unit make for grinding technology that’s as easy to use as it is powerful.


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