MFP 51: Maximum Productivity, Maximum Precision

Overcome Your Toughest Aerospace Engineering Challenges

Meeting the sky-high standards of the aerospace industry has always required manufacturers to overcome the world’s toughest engineering challenges. Shops must hold incredibly tight tolerances with parts made using superalloys and other exotic materials – and to keep up with the competition, they need to do it faster every year without impacting part quality or skirting the industry’s legendarily strict regulations.

UNITED GRINDING North America has the solution: the MÄGERLE MFP 51. A multi-process system designed to enable high-mix/low-volume production strategies for high-precision industries, this machine drills, mills and grinds in the fewest possible clampings for the utmost in efficiency.

  • Multi-process capabilities – With the ability to perform numerous machining operations on a single machine platform, you can optimize your processes and minimize downtime by reducing changeovers and re-clampings. That means more opportunities for your operators to add value between changeovers and fewer risks to expensive workpieces.
  • Solutions for tool flexibility and tracking – A generous 66-position tool magazine accommodates grinding wheels, diamond dressing rolls and other tools for the highest level of flexibility. Simultaneous tool and dresser roll changers and optional tool identification systems further improve manufacturers’ ability to handle recurring lot sizes without lengthy downtime. 
  • High-performance direct drive – A water-cooled direct-drive motor, HSK flange mountings and optional balancing systems – as well as the unique hydrostatic wrap-around guideways along the vertical axis to dampen vibrations and enable the highest level of precision – ensure shops have all the power they need to grind through tough machining challenges.
  • Next-generation coolant technology – NC controls on the MFP 51 extend to the coolant supply, with each separate nozzle designed to accommodate the wide range of applications made possible by the machine’s capabilities. A cost-effective coolant cleaning unit and optional automatic nozzle changers for process optimization complete the package.
  • Designed for easy automation integration – The MFP 51 was designed to be automation-ready with a machine platform able to accommodate a robot and linear system for part loading/unloading. Need custom automation for your unique aerospace application needs? MÄGERLE and UNITED GRINDING Automation Solutions have ample experience helping shops automate processes and achieve long-term competitiveness.

Give your team the state-of-the-art technology you need to achieve aerospace manufacturing success.

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Transform your aerospace part production today:
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