HELITRONIC MINI PLUS grinding machine
Flexible configurable tool grinding machine for small and medium diameters


Basic Data

The HELITRONIC MINI PLUSwith C.O.R.E.-Technology is our new tool grinding machine for flexible production and resharpening of small and medium tool diameters. Various loading systems and efficiency options allow the machine to be configured to fit current and future applications. The compact design offers optimal utilisation of floor space in production.

New with Laser Contour Check option!


Belt-driven spindle with two spindle ends

The powerful belt-driven spindle with two spindle ends can be equipped with up to six grinding wheels and has a peak power of max. 9 kW. In this configuration of the HELITRONIC MINI PLUS, both complex and common tool geometries can be produced economically in medium batch sizes (automation option is required). The various grinding wheel sets are allocated to the relevant spindle along with all data.

Laser Contour Check option

The new, innovative Laser Contour Check option offers an intelligent measuring system integrated directly in the tool grinding and eroding machine for the highly accurate, non-contact measurement of various tool parameters on cylindrical tools.

Torque increase option (only for machines with grinding wheel changer)

With this option, the torque and thus the removal rate at the spindle of the HELITRONIC MINI PLUS is spindle is increased by approx. 60 % (compared to the standard) at a max. speed of 7.800 min-1. This makes it possible to cut tools up to a diameter of 25 mm. The dimensions of the grinding wheel packs remain unchanged.

Automatic grinding wheel changer with 6 places (option)

Affordable, compact and flexible, too. With a capacity of up to 6 grinding wheel packs with 3 grinding wheels each. The max. grinding wheel diameter is 152.4 mm. Coolant supply and grinding wheel set form one unit. This ensures a safe change of the grinding wheel set and optimum cooling of the HELITRONIC MINI PLUS.

Robot loader automation option

The robot improves accessibility to the workpieces and makes special applications possible. Automatic teaching enables short setup times of the HELITRONIC MINI PLUS. Depending on the type of workpiece or the workpiece diameter, up to 7,500 workpieces can be loaded using the robot. Maximum workpiece weight 5 kg; maximum workpiece diameter 125 mm.

Top loader automation option

This space-saving and inexpensive automation solution is integrated directly into the machine envelope of the HELITRONIC MINI PLUS. Automatic teaching enables short setup times. Depending on the tool diameter, the Top loader offers a maximum of 500 places for tools.

Technical Data
kg / cm
lb / inches

Linear Axes

Max. Travel X 320 mm
Max. Travel Y 200 mm
Max. Travel Z 470 mm

Spindle drive

Max. Grinding Wheel Diameter 150 mm

Workpiece Data

Workpiece Length 255 mm
Workpiece Diameter 1 (3) - 16 (100) mm
Max. Workpiece Weight 30 kg

Linear Axes

Max. Travel X 12.59 inch
Max. Travel Y 7.87 inch
Max. Travel Z 18.50 inch

Spindle drive

Max. Grinding Wheel Diameter 5.91 inch

Workpiece Data

Workpiece Length 10.04 inch
Workpiece Diameter 0.04 (0.12) - 0.63 (3.94) inch
Max. Workpiece Weight 66.14 lbs
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