COMPACT LINE grinding machine for indexable inserts
The versatile machine for indexable inserts


Basic Data

The COMPACT LINE CNC tool grinder has six CNC axes. The tool grinding machine is used for the production of indexable inserts, including burring, milling, lathing and profile plates. A variety of clamping systems, docked to the machine via a plug & play interface, offer complete freedom in the choice of tools, sequence and lot size. Thanks to extremely low set-up times, very small batches can also be produced economically.


Mechanical layout

Vibration-absorbing cast machine base with very good damping properties for optimal tool surfaces.


A compact 6-axis motion range delivers short interpolation paths along the B processing axis, cutting auxilary times.

Torque drive

Linear motors and torque drives on the B & C axis provide strong dynamic performance and long-term stability along all relevant axes.


The clamping systems are mounted on the B axis and identified by a plug & play system.

Hardware / Software
  • Flexible 6-axis robot
  • Stacker for up to 8 pallets
  • "Three-in-one" sharpening unit Dressing, regeneration and crushing
  • Grinding pressure module
Technical Data
kg / cm
lb / inches

Linear Axes

Max. Travel X 450 mm
Max. Travel Speed X 15'000 mm/min
Max. Travel Y 180 mm
Max. Travel Speed Y 10'000 mm/min
Max. Travel Z 150 mm
Max. Travel Speed Z 10'000 mm/min

Spindle drive

Max. Spindle Power 5,5 kW
Max. Number Of Revolutions 7'000 /min
Max. Grinding Wheel Diameter 250 mm
Max. Grinding Wheel Width 70 mm

Swiveling Axes

Swiveling Range A -15 bis +25 °
Swiveling Range B ∞ °
Swiveling Range C ∞ °

Workpiece Data

Workpiece Length 50 mm
Workpiece Diameter 3 - 50 mm

Linear Axes

Max. Travel X 17.72 inch
Max. Travel Speed X 591 inch/min
Max. Travel Y 7.09 inch
Max. Travel Speed Y 393.70 inch/min
Max. Travel Z 5.91 inch
Max. Travel Speed Z 393.70 inch/min

Spindle drive

Max. Spindle Power 7.38 hp
Max. Number Of Revolutions 7000 rpm
Max. Grinding Wheel Diameter 9.84 inch
Max. Grinding Wheel Width 2.76 inch

Swiveling Axes

Swiveling Range A -15 to +25 deg
Swiveling Range B ∞ deg
Swiveling Range C ∞ deg

Workpiece Data

Workpiece Length 1.97 inch
Workpiece Diameter 0.12 - 1.97 inch
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