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WALTER HELICHECK 3D Ensures Quality of Tools For Various Industries

MIAMISBURG, Ohio, September 10, 2020 – Production demand is expected to surge in industries such as light and heavy vehicles, defense, construction machinery, civilian aircraft and medical, and particularly in applications that involve cutting tools of all types. To meet these growing tooling needs, the WALTER HELICHECK 3D optical non-contact 4-axis CNC measuring machine from UNITED GRINDING adds to the precision of tool grinding operations for these challenging applications. The machine generates 3D models of tools and production parts, and compares scans of drills, step tools, milling cutters, woodworking and form tools to CAD/CAM system models. A transmitted light camera and laser sensor scan, digitize and register the complete geometry of each part.

After the backlight camera and sensor measure the outer contour of the part, the WALTER HELICHECK 3D generates the 3D data point cloud required for a 3D model. The machine’s special 3D Tool Analyzer software allows users to lay vertical, horizontal and freely selectable cutting planes at any position on the 3D model. From there, the software automatically analyzes the planes and provides exact measurements of the model’s parameters, including core diameter, rake angles and spiral pitch. Because the WALTER HELICHECK 3D derives the measurements from the 3D model, users can work offline at a separate station.

The WALTER HELICHECK 3D applies WALTER’s 3D Matcher software, which overlays two 3D models within a graphical user interface and performs a color-coded comparison. After matching up both models, the machine provides an instant evaluation of product quality and any deviations from desired values.

To further increase part quality and production efficiency, automation options dependent on the intended application are available.

The high-precision ISO 50 spindle with automatic clamping mechanism provides precise and repeatable measurements. The modular adaptor spindle uses quick-change ISO, HSK, Capto and VDI adapters to eliminate additional setup time. High-precision ball roller spindles and linear guides guarantee positioning accuracy for measurement precision.

The solid granite base of the WALTER HELICHECK 3D damps vibrations and provides thermal stability for very high measurement accuracy and reliable results.