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MÄGERLE MFP 30 Delivers Grinding Productivity for Complex Turbine Parts

MIAMISBURG, Ohio, September 10, 2020 – Forecasts predict strong growth potential in the civilian aircraft equipment, defense, capital goods and power generation industries, many of which rely on critical parts such as turbine vanes. The MÄGERLE MFP 30 5-axis grinding center from UNITED GRINDING processes complex geometries that make it ideal for these applications. The machine’s space-saving design also allows for optimal use of available floor space and ensures production-flow efficiency.

With a powerful 12,000-rpm spindle, the MÄGERLE MFP 30 enables shops to combine grinding processes, including creep feed grinding with corundum or grinding with CBN. The spindle delivers full performance and high torque even at low speeds, while robust tool-holding fixtures provide stability for wide contours as well as aggressive material removal rates.

For highly flexible workpiece processing, the MÄGERLE MFP 30’s integrated tool changer accommodates multiple types of grinding wheels. These include various tools for milling and drilling operations, as well as measuring probes for quality or workpiece position checks.

With both emulsion and oil coolant cababilities, the MÄGERLE MFP 30 increases material removal rates and reduces grinding wheel wear through integrated wheel cleaning. The large table dressing unit mounts a wide variety of diamond roll profiles to minimize setup and changeover times significantly, and advanced drive technology ensures reliable dressing across the machine's entire speed range. The machine offers automatic ergonomic loading into the work area for optimal production flow, with a hydrostatic guideway system for enduring precison and reliability.