Rotary Table Grinding Machines

When it comes to grinding technology, manufacturers who produce high-quality hirth gears and curvic couplings – along with other heavy, complex parts such as turbine components – must achieve exceptional levels of productivity and the utmost precision. And they need to accomplish both with one machine. UNITED GRINDING has the expertise necessary to meet – and surpass – those needs with the industry’s top rotary-table grinding centers.

With MÄGERLE as a partner, manufacturers have access to the world’s most advanced grinding technology. The machine’s directly driven, hydrostatically mounted rotary tables allow for extreme precision, with positioning accuracy of fewer than three angular seconds. And it sacrifices none of that precision for strength, as these tables are designed for load capacities up to 12 tons.

Surface and Profile Grinding Machines


MÄGERLE consistently keeps the brand promise of customized grinding machines that are characterised by precision, reliability and cost effectiveness. We offer cutting edge technology for surface, profile and medium duty creep feed grinding applications.

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