Automation Built and Backed in the USA

Gain Peace of Mind with High Quality Automation Built and Serviced in the USA

Two of the most common concerns manufacturers have when it comes to automating a grinding operation are:

  1. Who will install the automation?
  2. Who will service my automated operation?

Overcome these challenges and achieve greater throughput with the help of UNITED GRINDING Automation Solutions.

UNITED GRINDING North America’s Automation Solutions team is based at our North American headquarters in Miamisburg, Ohio, and all of the automation cells we produce are made right in that facility.

If the cell is being integrated into a newly purchased machine, the integration, testing and runoff take place on our production floor so there are no surprises when the machine is delivered. And once the automation is in place, you'll quickly see the advantages of having perfectly repeatable unmanned operations, including significant increases in productivity and a reduced risk of scrapped or damaged parts. 

Already have a machine? No problem, our US-based Automation Solutions team also specializes in machine retrofits and many of our machines are sold with built-in automation interfaces. 

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State of the Grinding Automation Webinar

Listen to Dan Griffin, Automation Sales Engineer at UNITED GRINDING, as he navigates the state of automation in the grinding industry in this webinar.

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UNITED GRINDING Automation Solutions

Achieve greater throughput, higher part quality and increased productivity for lower production costs with the help of UNITED GRINDING Automation Solutions.

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